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SPRYTek focuses on providing business management and information technology consulting services to the small-to-medium business (SMB) community. We deliver these services through our unique methodology - Review, Evaluate, Act and Prove Results (REAP), which consistently provides clients with measurable results.

Business Process Improvement

Business Process ImprovementAll organizations have significant untapped potential for continuous process improvement. The only questions are:

  • How much potential?
  • Where does it reside?
  • Is it worth pursuing?
  • How can it be realized?

Many companies cannot answer these questions. Can you?

In today’s dynamic environment, business and customer needs change rapidly while internal value delivery approaches evolve more slowly, and often in an uncoordinated fashion. The resulting gaps are often filled through spot decisions, ad-hoc processes, and bolt-on solutions – which may satisfy the immediate need, but over time translates into layer upon layer of inefficiencies. This represents significant untapped potential which can only be captured through a disciplined, holistic approach that realigns operational capabilities with today’s business requirements.

We help clients achieve operational Business Process excellence by building organizational capabilities that align with internal, customer, and market driven needs. Our pragmatic solutions produce high impact results while minimizing organizational disruption. In short, we help clients unlock their hidden potential.

>We utilize a 4-step continuous improvement processWe utilize a 4-step continuous improvement process:

  1. R eview Processes
  2. E stablish a Plan
  3. A ct on the Plan
  4. P rove and Track Results

Before any business process improvement actions are taken, possible solutions are evaluated based on Return-on-Investment. Those possible solutions with the greatest potential for return with the lowest possible investment are given priority attention.

Process Improvement involves:
  • Evaluating processes and recommending efficiency improvements
  • Implementing an Improvement Team process
  • Identifying cost reduction opportunities and taking actions
  • Eliminating "red tape" and non-value-added activities

Change Management

Change ManagementOur Change Management practice is an ideal companion service to our Process Improvement program. Process improvement can be focused on the functions of operations, technology, financial, sales/marketing, client services, etc. However, all of these processes involve Human Capitol. So managing your talent is a crucial aspect to successful process improvement.

As the saying goes” The only constant in this world is Change”. In the new economy, companies need to be agile and flexible to be able to compete. That means companies must know how to constantly change for the sake of growth. Change management is also quite benefit in times of “crisis” or when a prompt “turn-around” in operations is eminent.

Many times companies know they need to change but don’t know how to do it. Our Change Management programs are not meant to be change just for the sake of change. We utilize Change Management as an integral part of helping our clients realize more innovation, efficiency, and productivity from their Human Capitol. This positive culture, in turn, achieves our foremost objective…accelerated and sustainable business growth for our clients.

SPRYtek utilizes a comprehensive, structured and practical “Project Management” approach to Organizational Change that quickly gains buy-in from the top down. This approach enables our clients to see tangible value sooner, than later.

The SPRYTek Change Methodology:

  • We help your organization identify strategic goals and we align the change initiatives to reach those specific goals.
  • We research and review the present culture and processes.
  • We identify and develop a change plan that will transition the organization from its current approach to one that moves the organization toward its strategic goals.
  • We make a case for a plan that will communicate to management and staff the value of buying into the plan. This includes creating a sense of urgency and enthusiasm.
  • We model new behaviors.
  • We identify and promote change leaders.
  • We create cross-functional teams and eliminate “silos”.
  • We identify and/or develop training, resources and tools that will help leaders and team members to carry out the Change plan.
  • We teach and promote ownership and accountability.
  • We measure and audit the change progression.
  • Additional improvement ideas are implemented and a reinforcement program is implemented to insure sustainability of the change program.

Project Management

Project ManagementRequired: Leadership, Understanding and Communication

Project initiatives fail due to poor planning, an incomplete understanding of business objectives, and inadequate definition of goals and a lack of communication. SPRYTek offers experienced project management staffs who can take you project and guide it through a successful completion seamlessly.

The reasons for Project Management are to: 1) lessen the time to market, 2) increase staff productivity, 3) increase quality, 4) increase customer satisfaction and 5) increase ROI for software investments. SPRYTek works to make all of these reasons have a positive outcome for your business.

Successful projects incorporate the following phases:

  • Planning & Requirements Definition
  • Design
  • Development & Testing
  • Implementation
  • Operations, Tuning & Maintenance

Planning and Requirements Definition

There are two key aspects of this phase: (1) planning which includes the need to develop or significantly enhance a system is identified, feasibility and costs are assessed, and risk and project-planning approaches are define and (2) defining the functional requirements that the system will need to address.


During this phase, functional requirements are translated into preliminary and detailed designs. Decisions are made to address how the system will meet functional, physical, interface, and data requirements.

Development and Testing

The system is validated through a sequence of unit, integration, system, and acceptance test activities. The objective is to ensure that the system functions as expected and user requirements are satisfied.


During this phase, the new or enhanced system is installed in the production environment, users are trained, data is converted (as needed), and the system is turned over to the user.

Operations, Tuning and Maintenance

The emphasis of this phase is to ensure that user needs continue to be met and that the system continues to perform according to specifications. Routine hardware and software maintenance and upgrades are performed to ensure effective system operations.

Business Intelligence

>Business IntelligenceSPRYTek’s Business Intelligence (BI) Services integrates all your corporate information. Customers can then turn data into information, information into insight, insight into action, and action into improved business operations.

SPRYTek’s BI Services assists in implementing strategies for long-term success by delivering a solution that is 1) Complete, 2) Action-oriented, 3) Value-focused and 4) Integrated.

The SPRYTek BI team is comprised of seasoned IT and business professionals with experience with high-profile organizations. Each member of our team brings with them a unique, expert skill set. This specialization allows SPRYTek to complete all phases of a BI project seamlessly.

Our Methodology:

The methodology we employ empowers our clients to use technology to strengthen their business. Our process begins with a detailed analysis of the client’s unique opportunity and environment. The SPRYTek BI Consultant uses this information to define strategic key performance indicators (KPI), most relevant to the client. We then develop comprehensive BI tools such as dashboards, drill-down reports, data analysis cubes, etc., that allow the user to use and disseminate key data quickly. Concurrently, the SPRYTek Database Specialist designs and implements a data warehouse that allows for efficient system performance. The BI solution is then assembled, rigorously tested and implemented. The final step is training and knowledge transfer to your staff, enabling the power of self-sufficiency.

Managed Network Services

>Managed Network ServicesComputer networks and the data they carry are the lifeblood of today’s businesses. But it can be tough – and costly – to find a professional that who has the skills and the dedication to keep your network systems online and protect the company’s assets.

SPRYTek offers a cost-effective and dedicated alternative. For far less than you would pay for a single information technology employee, consultant or expensive network tool, our team of network systems and software specialists manage and support your operations with a flexible pricing schedule based on your needs. SPRYTek’s Managed Network Services provide:

  • Unparalleled protection for your systems, software and data. Our solution is a combination of onsite and remote support that is defined based on your specific needs.
  • 24/7 (or increments) monitoring and management of applications and components hosted on our premises or yours. Our objective is to detect and resolve issues before they impact your operations.
  • Automatic, managed backups to protect critical data and take the worry, hassle and expense out of business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Managed firewall services, virus and spam filtering to protect your information, systems and network.

ERP / Software Optimization

>ERP / Software OptimizationWhat is ERP?

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system combines methodologies with software and hardware components to integrate numerous critical back-office functions across a company. Made up of a series of “modules,” or applications that are seamlessly linked together through a common database, an ERP system enables various departments or operating units such as Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Production, and Fulfillment and Distribution to coordinate activities, share information, and collaborate.

Key Benefits of ERP Systems:

ERP systems are designed to enhance all aspects of key operations across a company’s entire back-office – from planning through execution, management, and control. They accomplish this by taking processes and functions that were previously disparate and disjointed, and seamlessly integrating and coordinating them.

SPRYTek’s ERP Services:

SPRYTek has experience in the major ERP Software: Lawson, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Infor, SysPro, and non-major ERP Software such as: EPICOR, Consona, Plex Systems, NetSuite, MS-Dynamics, Intacct and Sage Software. We can assist your organization with upgrades and migration initiatives to fulfill your Enterprise Resource Planning needs.

What is Software Optimization?

SPRYTek assists customers determine how best to maximize their investment with the application software that they already have. We typically find that customers are only using between 55 – 65% of the functionality of their applications.

SPRYTek’s Software Optimization Services:

SPRYTek assists clients identify, document and utilize these components for efficiently, which means better labor effectiveness, and improved ROI of software applications.

Point Of Sale

>Point Of SaleIn this economy, many small businesses/merchants struggle with understanding and identifying cost effective technology solutions, that will enable them to operate more efficiently while also positioning them for growth.

SPRYTek offers customized point-of-sale systems for merchants/small businesses to save them time, money and resources while improving their efficiency and bottom line. We specialize in: Point-of-Sale and Merchant Accounts for the Hospitality Industry. In the local market, we offer a very user-friendly and benefit-packed POS solution called "Dinerware".

Provide us with 15 minutes of your time to learn about your business and possible Point-of-Sale needs you may have. We will only ask for your business if we believe we have a solution that can be of strong benefit to you.

Custom Website Design & Development

>Star & Shamrock >18th Amendment DC >Camp Run-A-Mutt >PCT - Precision Communication Technology

On the internet today, your business has 10 seconds to engage the prospective client who has come to your website. 10 seconds for your website to load and provide creditability and value to your brand along with easy navigation throughout the site.

It’s critical that you invest in a web design that instantly builds up trustworthiness, value, and credibility in the eyes of your prospects.

  • Over 90% of prospective customers will visit your website as the first step in considering doing business with you.
  • A high-quality website design markedly improves your ability to convert a prospect into a customer.
  • The #1 reason people abandon a website is bad design.

Who are you going to trust to design, build and maintain that site for you?

SPRYTek and its custom website division, Exit 11 Design, can answer those goals for you. Our talented team pairs robust code with elegant design to meet all of your needs, on schedule and on budget.

We're committed to providing each client an organic and customized solution that is tailored to their specific business needs.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine OptimizationSPRYTek is pleased to be able to offer QC (Quality Control) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services.

Our QC/SEO product is geared especially to web application development companies needing a complete quality check of the sites before launch, and those needing assistance in base SEO for the client. This includes site testing on browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari, and SEO recommendations including Title Tags, H1, Meta Description, Alt Text, Keyword Selection, Keyword Density, Content Development, Link Building through Press Releases and more.

If you are interested in either service, or would like to investigate the QC/SEO package, please contact us.